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Hello friends! Im a huge nerd and you can call me Niwa or Shika if you want. (some may already know my name, but shh.) This is heavily a multifandom blog, and consist of a different things. I enjoy posting a lot of cutesy things and a lot of anime. I will sometimes post NSFW but almost always tag it. (Please message me if you want me to tag a certain thing, if you don't, then I wont know. Ayeee) Anyways.

Um! Yeah, I guess thats about it really! Enjoy my blog uwu

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has this been done before or


趣味の真琴まとめ by とりの(三笠ユキ)



Are you kidding me? Nagisa is wearing a shirt with a penguin looking up at butterflies?!?! Can reigisa become anymore canon??

If they kiss probably


the only one who can grab the sun is me